Best Rug Materials for High Traffic Areas in Lowry Crossing, TX; Easy to Clean Nylon, Polyester, Cotton & More

Nothing will finish off your space like the perfect area rug. It won’t take you long as you search for the perfect one to find that there are many materials used to make area rugs. Understanding what all the different fibers have to offer will help you better make the right decision for your home. That’s why Heart of Texas Chem-Dry is here to talk about the different types of area rugs you have to choose from.

Nylon Area Rugs

Nylon area rugs are some of the most common rugs chosen for homes. This is in part due to the fact that they come in so many different colors and designs. It is also because they are so easy to keep clean. There is a slight glossiness that is found in the fibers of nylon rugs, and this help them to repel dirt and spills that may happen and cause staining on different types of material.

Polyester Area Rugs

This is another type of synthetic rug. Polyester is an extremely stain resistant material that is used in many different rugs. It is less prone to color fading than nylon and can withstand the normal spills and stains that occur in day to day wear. The one thing that can cause damage to a polyester rug is oil. When oil is spilled on this type of rug it can bond with the fibers and cause permanent damage.

Silk Rugs

When you choose a silk rug, you are choosing luxury. It can be a delicate material that shouldn’t be used in areas that receive high amounts of traffic. When in high traffic areas, it can sustain significant damage. This is why it is often blended with other materials like wool, that will help to make it more durable.

Cotton Area Rugs

Many people choose to put cotton rugs in high traffic areas. They often come in a braided or flat woven design. These are extremely durable rugs. One of the things many people love about them, is that they can flipped over when one side becomes too stained or worn looking.

Jute & Sisal Rugs

If you are looking for an organic look in your home, rugs made from grasses like jute and sisal can be a great addition. Jute is made from jute plant stalks while sisal is made from agave plant leaves. Since these rugs come in neutral colors, they fit in with many different design styles. It is important to note that when you choose these rugs that they absorb moisture easily and can be difficult to clean.

Wool Area Rugs

Wool is often used to make rugs because it is an incredibly durable material. The fact that it is soft does make it appealing to many people as well. These rugs repel water well, as well as other liquids which is also a draw. They are more expensive than other types of rugs though.

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No matter what type of rug you choose for your home, it is important that you have the professionals at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry clean it professionally to maintain it properly. Call us today!

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