Is it Safe to Clean Your Carpets with a Baby in Your Cedar Park, TX Home? Yes; Remove Beetles, Dust Mites, Germs, Bacteria & More

A baby in the house changes a lot of what happens and what expectations there are of cleaning. No one wants to have a little baby’s immune system put to the test. That is why there is always that rush to ensure that home is clean and sanitized when a baby is coming home. Not only coming home but as long as they are small enough that they spend time being held and laid down. That is a large amount of time that you need to clean surfaces and more. One of the concerns when bringing home a baby is if you should have the carpets cleaned or not. There is some concern that if you have the carpets cleaned the chemicals can be a danger to your baby. This was a concern when carpet cleaning began and there was not much of an emphasis on eco-friendly products. The products that were used were a lot harsher and some people would report rashes, hives and upset stomachs. A baby will spend quite some time on the carpets and so they are more exposed to what is in the carpet fibers. Carpet cleaning has made some major improvements and the solutions available today are much more green and natural. The equipment has improved which means that the need for a lot of carpet cleaner solution is lessened. Skipping the carpet cleaning could also be a benefit to your new baby and should be done on a regular basis.

Heart Of Texas Chem-Dry LLC Explains How Carpet Cleaning is a Benefit to Your New Baby

Your Carpets Could Have Beetles, Dust Mites & Pests: If you have a new baby the last thing that you want is to have pests of any kind on or around them. There are small microscopic pests that could be living on your carpets and could be a problem for your baby and everyone else in your home. The pests that are a problem are carpet beetles and also dust mites. Carpet beetles live on the carpet and also eat the carpet leaving bald spots. Dust mites are in the air and cause the air quality in your home to worsen. These pests are a problem and the best way to remove them is to have your carpets cleaned. A carpet cleaning company can come to your home and treat your carpets and remove the pests.
Germs & Bacteria Live On Carpets: If you have visitors in your home with a new baby you are sure to send them washing up before they touch the baby. That is the best way to remove any germs and dirt from hands so that it is not coming in contact with the baby. The immune system of a baby is not as strong as an adult so you have to use some caution. Another area that can be full of germs is the carpet. The bacteria and germs that cause the flu and common cold can live on carpets for up to thirty days. This means that you may think everyone is feeling better but your carpets can still be making your baby sick.

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