How Long Does Parvovirus Stay in Carpet & On Tile? Tips to Bleach, Clean, Disinfect & Get Rid of Parvo in Allen, TX

Once your dear canine companion comes down with the extremely contagious virus of Parvovirus, you will find them spending quite a bit of time recovering at your veterinarian’s office. During that time your vet will advise you to disinfect your entire home and yard or risk your dog becoming re-infected with the Parvovirus. Where in some cases this may not be too difficult of a task to do, in other areas you may scratch your head wondering how this could be done. Additionally, if you have other dogs in your home, you will want to find them somewhere to spend the next few days while you disinfect your home in hopes they might be spared. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share some of the best methods on disinfecting your home from the Parvovirus.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Carpet, Upholstery & Other Surfaces

First when it comes to disinfecting your home from the Parvo virus, there are a few things you must know to better understand how you should go about this task. First, Parvo is extremely contagious. It is spread when a canine comes in contact with another infected canine’s feces. Although it is proven that the virus is spread through another infected dog’s feces, others suspect it could also be spread through their vomit and saliva as well. Even if the dog’s secretion of any kind is removed, the Parvo will remain just as strong in the ground and on other surfaces. Additionally, as you may know by now, Parvo will cause your dog to become very sick with diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting which can cause quite the mess everywhere. With your dog hopefully recovering, you will want to completely disinfect your home. Remember to be thorough. Parvo, in the right conditions can survive 8 months to a year once infected.

Cleaning with Bleach Kills Parvo on Hard Tile & Other Surfaces

When it comes to outside or harder surfaces such as tile, wooden floors and any similar surface your dog will come in contact with, all can be disinfected with diluted bleach. One part bleach to 10 parts water blend is strong enough to kill the parvovirus. Some will use a pump sprayer or even a pressure washer on outdoor lawns, patios and decks. Again disinfect wherever your dog will go. In doors you can spray or mop hard floors with bleach. This seems simple enough but be sure to be thorough or even over excessive. It is important to kill the virus. But what about your rugs, carpets, and upholstery? No one wants to bleach the entire carpet or other fabrics.

What Kills Parvo Besides Bleach?

There is a way to disinfect fabrics but it will come with some extra work and effort on your part. You will first want to acquire a disinfectant cleaning agent that is proven to kill Parvo but is also safe on fabrics. There are a few to choose from. One is Tek-Trol Disinfectant Cleaner. After you have the disinfectant cleaning agent, follow these steps for carpet, rugs and all upholstery. First, using warm water, use a steam cleaner to rinse the entire area, and then concentrate on the stains themselves. Baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and water work well to remove diarrhea stains. Once the stain has been removed, use the Parvo disinfecting agent in your steamer. Most will require dilution with water. Read the label of your specific cleaning solutions to see the proper dilution requirements. Then use the steamer to disinfect your carpets, rug or upholstery. Again, be thorough. If any smells linger from their accidents you can then use baking soda over the area to help absorb the smells.

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Hopefully Heart of Texas Chem-Dry was able to help prepare your home for your dearest companion’s return. Parvo is nothing to be taken lightly when it enters your home. We wish you luck and hope your pup has a speedy recovery. Contact us for your floor and upholstery cleaning needs!

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