How to Remove Old Red Wine, Blood, Nail Polish, Coffee & Other Stains from Carpet in Salado, TX

Any time you are spilling anything on your carpet, it isn’t a good thing. Of course, there are some spills and stains that are more difficult to remove from the fibers of your carpet than others will be. It is important to be aware of substances that are difficult to remove from carpet so that you can be even more careful than you normally would to avoid spilling them on your carpet. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry is here to share spills that are the hardest to remove from your carpet.

Treating Red Wine Stain on Carpet the Next Day

The dark color that comes with red wine is only one of the reasons that you don’t want it on your carpet. Red wine is also extremely acidic which makes it especially problematic. The best way to remove red wine from your carpet is club soda. Baking soda can also be a helpful tool in removing red wine.

Bleach Spot Repair

If you have white clothing and some staining on it, there is nothing better at removing that stain than bleach. When it spills on your carpet though, there is really no way to remove the mark that it will leave behind. A professional carpet cleaning company will be your best bet at removing any bleach that spills on your carpet.

How Do You Get Old Blood Stains Out of Carpet?

Sometimes there is no way to avoid a blood spill. Accidents are going to happen. When blood makes it to your carpet, it can be difficult to remove. You should try using an enzyme laundry detergent along with water to get it off.

How to Remove Dry Nail Polish from Carpet

Nail polish is one of the most devastating substances you can spill on your carpet. Hopefully you find the spill before it has time to dry. Once nail polish has dried, it can be nearly impossible to remove. If you catch the spill still wet, you can use Windex to successfully get it out. Dried nail polish stains should be left to professionals.

How to Remove Old Coffee Stains from Carpet

Most people can’t get started in the morning without a cup of coffee. When that coffee ends up on your carpet, it can ruin your day real quick. Coffee can do a great deal of damage to your carpet if it isn’t removed promptly. In fact, it is so difficult to remove from your carpet that your best bet for removing it is to leave it up to professionals.

How to Get Old Chocolate Stains Out of Carpet

Chocolate is delicious, but a pain to get out of your carpet. Because chocolate has a low melting point, you can place a damp cloth on top of the spill and use your iron to pull it up from the fibers of your carpet. Make sure your iron is on the lowest non-steaming setting.

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