Antique & Vintage Area Rug Cleaning, Maintenance & Care Tips in Morgan’s Point Resort, TX

If you own or have recently inherited an antique area rug, your thoughts may be centered on how to properly clean and care for the rug. As antique or vintage rugs are rather old and use an old blend of materials, it is important to properly maintain the rug correctly. Many antique area rugs are often Oriental style rugs that are a blend of silk and wool. Other antique rugs often use wool and other natural blends which do require different care than modern synthetic area rugs. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share a few tips on how to properly care for antique area rugs.

How To Tell if You Have an Antique Area Rug

Sometimes homeowners may not know for sure if their area rug is an antique, as the origins may be a bit fuzzy. If you suspect you may have inherited an antique rug there are few components to look for. There are three main identifying markers on an antique area rug. The first are the dyes, second is the fiber or materials used, and third is the amount of knots found per square inch. You can also consult a professional who can properly identify these three markers. While many antique area rugs use a blend of material, some of the most common used are wool, cotton, silk and goat hair. It is important to determine the blend of fibers used for proper care as each fabric reacts differently to cleaning.

Antique Rug Maintenance

It is natural to be concerned about proper cleaning and maintenance as many fear they will ruin their antique rug. It is good to be concerned. However, antique area rugs also do require maintenance. It is recommended to begin maintenance with regular vacuuming. If you are worried about the vacuum being too harsh on the rug, you can always use an upholstery attachment and clean the rug slowly. It is recommended to use only suction as some bristles can damage the pile. It is very important to remove all of the dirt in the rug to prevent damaging and wearing down the rug’s pile. Additionally, you can rotate the rug to help spread out the wear from foot traffic.

Cleaning Antique Rugs

When cleaning an antique area rug, it is often recommended to never use cleaning solutions that may be too harsh on the fibers and on the dye. Dye in antique rugs are made from natural substances and can wash out easily with the wrong cleaners. The best advice when cleaning an antique area rug is to seek out professional help. A professional area rug cleaning service that provides specialized cleaning services for antique rugs is recommended. A professional cleaning service should be able to identify the material or fiber blend used, to better determine which is the best approach to clean the rug. It is too easy to ruin an antique rug, which is why DIY cleaning is discouraged. Professional cleaning should only be scheduled every five years as over cleaning with even professional cleaning can take its toll on the fibers.

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Some additional tips for antique area rug care is to clean little spills as soon as they occur and never scrub but blot the spill clean. Also avoid leaving the rug in direct sunlight as the sun can cause fading and even make the fibers more brittle. If you have an antique area rug and need professional cleaning services that are experienced in cleaning antique rugs, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry today.

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