How to Remove Dents, Imprints & Furniture Indentations in Carpet in Shady Shores, TX

When having your home’s carpets cleaned and you want to do a little furniture rearrangement, often your carpets are left with indents that never seem to go away. Many people hate indents in the carpets. Luckily there is a way you can help restore your carpet and remove those tacky indent marks out of the carpet. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share a few tricks or methods on how to remove indents in the carpets.

How Do Ice Cubes Remove Dents from Carpet

When you want to remove indents out of the carpet, one method is to use ice cubes. Start by placing the ice cube on the indented part of the carpet and allow the ice to melt which can take one to two hours. After the ice cube is fully melted, take a sponge and begin blotting at the indent to begin absorbing the water out of the carpet and into the sponge. When most of the water is out of the carpet and it is only slightly damp, use a spoon and gently scrape along the indent part of the carpet in a direction that helps lift the carpet’s fiber back upward. After the area has had time to fully dry, use the vacuum to help restore the pile.

Removing Carpet Dents with Iron

Another method to help restore indented carpet is to use a clothing iron. Make sure to lay a clean cloth on the areas of the indentation. With a hot steam iron go over the indent on the carpet to add small amounts of moisture and heat into the carpet. As a warning: never put an iron directly on the carpet. The heat will melt or burn the carpet fibers. Always place a clean white cloth over the carpet when using an iron. Again, use a spoon to help restore the pile of the carpet.

Damp Towel Method to Remove Carpet Imprints

For a deep and stubborn dents in the carpet you will want to lay a damp towel over the indentation. Using an iron with medium heat, press gently over the towel. The combination of the moisture and heat will help the pile or fiber spring back up. After ironing the site for a few minutes you can leave the damp towel off the divot unit the cloth and carpet dries. Remove the cloth when both carpet and cloth are dry and vacuum over the area. Make sure to put the vacuum height setting slightly higher than the carpet. You want the vacuum roller to make minimum contact which helps pick up the fibers versus pushing them back down.

Hair Dryer Method to Remove Furniture Indentations

With a water bottle you can sprinkle the indents in the carpet to lightly dampen the surface of the carpet. Next use a hair dryer to heat the site of the indentations. Use your fingers or hand to brush back and forth on top of the indent to help loosen and lift the fiber. You may need to repeat applying water and dry the areas a few times until you get the desired results.

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Restoring indented carpet is easy enough and often occurs naturally when the carpet is being cleaned. However you can use any one of these methods to help remove indents out of your carpets. When you need professional carpet cleaning and more, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry and schedule our service today.

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