How to Clean, Remove & Prevent Stains on Your Commercial Carpet in Celina, TX; Reportable Spills & More

The commercial carpets can be challenging to manage between customers and employees tracking in substances and potentially spilling foods and drinks. Despite having an otherwise pristine business, your business perception can be hurt by carpets that are blemished with spots and stains. Any substances left to linger on the carpet will inevitably be more difficult to remove. We at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to offer some help to better protect your commercial carpets.

Reportable Spills on Carpet

Hesitant to report due to fear of repercussion and/or embarrassment, few people will let accidental spills or tracking substances known to the business’s employees. Any substances that make contact with the carpet absorb into the fibers will be harder to remove the longer the lingers. Substances like soda, coffee, oil, and other dark liquids, set in quickly and cause tough, stubborn stains.

Limit Foods & Drinks Around Carpet

By visitors and employee members eat and drink on carpets, commercial carpets are commonly impacted. To encourage productivity and accommodate visitors, many businesses go the extra mile by keeping refreshments available. The likelihood of a spill on the carpets only increases when people eat or drink on the carpet. Make certain the staff immediately treat any spills they do and whenever possible, when they see a visitor make a spill to help decrease the carpet stains.

Tips to Keep Stains Away from Carpets in Your Business

In order to keep the kids busy, customers often bring their little ones with them to visit various businesses and have crackers, juice boxes, other snacks, as well as markers, crayons, and other entertainment materials to keep the kids quiet. All too often, these parents are less likely to clean up after themselves let alone their children unfortunately. In order to help you avoid the spots and stains that can negatively impact the business’s overall appearance, the tips below help your business manage the carpet spills more efficiently.
1) Lessen trash can availability and add more recycle bins. Accidents, along with waste, significantly decrease when there are fewer trash cans available, according to research. You can lessen spills by cutting down on them eating and drinking over carpeted areas as well as putting recycle bins at the desks to influence the staff to eat and drink in the areas where the waste baskets are convenient.
2) Provide reward incentives. Implementing strong incentives or rewards for your staff it can help significantly with removing spots and treat spills quickly. You can present them a free lunch or gift cards for those with the cleanest carpets at the end of each quarter as an example.
3) Invest in professional deep carpet cleaning. Maintain the carpets better by having a professional cleaning for your carpets, since you cannot completely prevent stains and spots on your carpets with just vacuuming and spot treating. It extracts the dirt and debris to keep the carpets clean and vibrant, not only does it remove the stains frequently.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Waco, Dallas, Harker Heights, Cedar Park, Allen & the State of Texas

Commercial carpet cleaning is vital. Not only will it remove the spots and stains, but the dirt and debris removed to revitalize the carpet. Call Heart of Texas Chem-Dry for your commercial carpet cleaning.

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