How to Choose Carpet Colors & Types in High Traffic Family Rooms, Bedrooms & More in Fort Worth, TX

Choosing the colors that will permanently be in your home can be an overwhelming decision to say the least. You may be wondering how in the world you could ever make the right decision. One of the biggest color selections you will make in your home is the color of your carpet. There is a method to the madness in choosing what color you want your carpet to be. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry is here to share some tips to help you choose the right carpet color for your home.

Choose Your Furniture Before Carpet Color

Not only are you choosing the carpet color you want, but you need to choose furniture, paint and accessories as well. The first thing you need to choose is the color of your furniture. The reason being, there aren’t as many choices for fabric selections in furniture. With the other color selections, you will be making in paint and carpet, the choices are almost limitless. Once you have chosen the color of your sofa, you can move on to carpet and finally paint.

Benefits of Choosing Neutral Colored Carpet

By and large, the best sellers in carpet are those that are neutral in color. Trends come and go, but you can’t replace the carpet with them. When choosing the color for your carpet, you may want to go with a neutral color so that no matter what color trends do, your carpet looks nice. You can always showcase bright colors in other areas like paint and accessories, that are much easier to change with the current trends. Even though you may choose a neutral color for your carpet, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can choose patterned carpet or textured carpet that features a combination of pile and looped fibers. Neutral carpet colors include varying shades of gray, tan and brown.

Power of Berber Fleck

You may find that you want to have a bit of color variation throughout your carpet. Choosing a berber fleck is a great way to do this. If you choose a carpet that is one solid color, you may find that it shows a lot of lint and other debris that often accumulates on carpeting. When there are several flecks of color throughout your carpet, it hides this dirt and other debris that you may find accumulates between you vacuuming.

Consider How the Space Will Be Used when Choosing Carpet

You definitely want to take into consideration the use for the space when selecting the right color for your carpet. If you have pets and children, you may want to stay away from lighter shades, as they are much harder to keep clean. Choosing a carpet that is on the other end of the spectrum and extremely dark will show every speck of dust as well. This may be one of the reasons beige is so popular in carpet color.

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No matter what color you choose for your carpet, proper maintenance will single-handedly extend the life of your carpet. The flooring professionals at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry can help you keep your carpet clean and long lasting. Call us today!

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