Best Way to Clean & Condition Leather Couches, Sofas & Furniture in Nolanville, TX

Leather furniture is known to be durable which is why it’s considered to be a big investment in the long run. Making that investment and then not taking care of it correctly will have it wearing out sooner than you’d like. This means that you need to take care of your leather furniture for it to last. Think about it, your leather furniture collects dirt and pollutant just like your fabric furniture. The problem with leather furniture is that it faces the added challenge of lost moisture and softness over time. You can hire professionals to do it every once and a while, and there are also some do’s and don’ts when it comes to leather cleaning between professional visits.

Best Ways to Clean Leather Couches

Keep leather furniture covered– When you spend your hard-earned cash on leather furniture you want people to see it, but if you want it to last a long time, make sure you keep it covered. If you do keep it covered, you can reduce the amount of damage caused by environmental and light exposure. This damage can include cuts or tears, accidents from pets, spills and so on. These can all be prevented by keeping your leather covered. You’ll be happy to know that most spills stains and tears can be fixed, but not always. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so keep it covered.
Clean your leather furniture on a regular basis– Leather furniture needs to be vacuumed and cleaned regularly to maintain its texture and finish and will also prevent it from getting dull, so dust it often. You should only use soft clothes and brushes to ensure you don’t damage it.
Use cleaning and conditioning products with care– There are cleaning products that are formulated for leather, but you need to be careful. Make sure you buy a product that is formulated for the type of leather you have and always test it on a hidden area of your leather to check for color fastness or just call in the pros.

How Not to Clean & Condition Leather Sofas

Keep leather furniture out of direct sun– One of the best things you can do for your leather upholstery is to keep it out of direct sunlight or under an air conditioner. When your leather furniture is exposed to temperature or weather, it can dry out and crack. This goes for hot and cold temperatures.
Don’t allow spills or stains to set into leather— Leather doesn’t stain as much as fabric furniture but don’t make the mistake in thinking that leather furniture won’t absorb liquids that are spilled on it. You need to clean any spills as soon as they happen. Do not let them sit on your leather. This will only make it harder to clean later.

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Even tough leather furniture needs to be cleaned regularly. If you want your leather furniture to last longer then follow the above do’s and don’ts and hire professionals that are trained and experienced to clean it. The cleaners you buy at the store can give you immediate results but can cause damage in the long run. Professionals use safe professional leather cleaners, moisturizers and protectors. You will get noticeable results when you call Heart of Texas ChemDry.

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