How Often Should Upholstery Be Professionally Cleaned in Farmers Branch, TX? Second Hand Couch & More

Furniture is not cheap, and when you invest in quality furniture, it is especially expensive. Generally, upholstery should be deep cleaned once a year. There are additional circumstances that warrants a professional upholstery cleaning service. Today, we at Heart of Texas ChemDry would like to discuss the situations that may pop up where you should consider a deep upholstery cleaning service.

Can a Couch Be Cleaned After a Fire or Flood?

Even small fires and floods can leave furnishings smelling like smoke or mildew. The smell is often overpowering. You will need to address any furniture you want to save once you have cleaned the soot from all hard services. Commercial cleaning equipment and premium products are required to extract odors, and any contaminates. It is best to let the expert know what the upholstery was exposed to in order for them to come prepared. To ensure it is completely deodorized and sanitized, it may take more than one treatment.

Disinfect Second Hand Upholstered Furniture

Cleaning the upholstery is a must, whether your parent has passed away and you are left with a house full of old furniture to get ready for an estate sale or your aunt left you her prized antique Victorian couch, or even if a family member or friend has given you lightly used furniture. It can be hard work to effectively clean the upholstery on your own. Additionally, any stains or delicate fabric can all be properly treated by a professional that is trained. Hiring a pro can ensure that is efficiently treated to leave the upholstery clean, spotless, deodorized, and sanitized. There are countless contaminants built up on the upholstery and you do not know the history of the furniture. When you decide second hand purchases are for you, whether they are at vintage shops, directly from original owner, or at gently used discounted store, it is well worth the investment to have the upholstery cleaned. If for nothing else but your peace of mind, have a pro clean it before you use it.

Clean a Sofa Out of Storage

You should professionally clean them before moving them back into your home, even when it is your own furniture, anytime you have stored upholstered pieces, such as during a move. Usually, storage units contain bugs, spiders, and mice as well as having musty odors. Instead of moving in stale furniture that could have pests, having freshly cleaned and deodorized upholstered furniture can help you feel more comfortable.

Upholstery Cleaning After Contact with Pets, Spills or Accidents

Old stains have a way of attracting new stains and holding odors, no matter if one of the kids got sick or had a potty-training accident, or you spilled a glass of wine down your couch. Pets can also have accidents on upholstery, or even not so accidental if they are using your favorite sofa to mark their territory. Stains and odors have a better chance of being removed the sooner it gets treated following an accident. Have a professional tend tough stains and challenging odors.

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