How Often Do You Need to Deep Clean & Seal a Natural Stone Shower in Woodway, TX?

Natural stone is a beautiful and highly used material throughout a home, including in the bathroom. Natural stone requires a lot of care to prevent damage and erosion of the stone. However, natural stone in the bathroom proves to be a bigger challenge. The constant moisture that is naturally produced in the bathroom means the natural stone has much more exposure and often in smaller spaces. As a result, the natural stone in the bathroom will require more care than other natural stone in a home. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to share how to care for natural stone in your bathroom and how often you should have the stone sealed.

Should You Seal Natural Stone in a Shower?

One of the many ways to protect your natural stone throughout your home is by maintaining a protective sealer. Stone needs to be sealed when they are installed and then resealed every few months. Depending on the type of exposure the stone encounters, you may need to reseal the stone more often. Along with the exposure, the type of natural stone will also determine how often it needs to be sealed. Soft stone like limestone or marble, needs to be sealed more often than slate or granite. Depending on the type of stone you have, it is important to know its needs and then increase those needs when they are in a bathroom. It is very important to maintain a moisture barrier on your stone. Additionally, you will not only want to maintain a barrier but use a high quality sealer on stone in bathrooms. The better quality sealer you use the better you will protect your stone.

How Often Do You Need to Seal a Natural Stone Shower

As there are so many different elements, from the type of stone to the location, and quality of sealer that is used, it will determine how often you should reseal your stone. It can become very confusing to know how often to reseal your stone. On average you should reseal your stone every six months. However, often the stone will tell you when it needs to be resealed. When stone gets wet, the water should not absorb into the stone. If the sealer has weakened or has worn down you may notice the stone looking wet. Once the stone looks wet, you need to seal your natural stone.

How Do You Clean Natural Stone in a Bathroom?

If you have natural stone in your bathroom whether it is stone around the shower, the counter top, walls, or floor, you will want to make sure to keep the stone very clean. You do not want soap scum, calcium or mineral build-up to develop on natural stone. You can prevent this type of grime from developing on your stone which can lead to permanent damages. You will want to clean the stone and use a dry cloth to wipe the surface down each time it gets wet. Additionally, use the stone’s proper cleaner. Avoid any DIY cleaners as they can damage the stone. Use the proper cleaner designed for the type of stone in your bathroom.

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Cleaning and sealing your stone can be done by a professional service if you find you need help caring for your home’s natural stone. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry provides natural stone cleaning and sealing services and more. To schedule our services, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry today.

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