How Do You Deal with Water Damage After a Flood in Farmers Branch, TX? Call for Restoration & More

Water damage and flood inside the home is a major disaster and one most people are not prepared for. When the home floods, either due to a natural flooding zone, a broken pipe, or a faulty appliance, it is important to react to the situation properly and quickly. For those who are experiencing a flood in their home and needs to know what to or how to respond, Heart Of Texas Chem-Dry will share what to do.

Act Fast to Fix Water Damage

It is important to react to a flood and water damage in the home quickly. Not only to recover your home’s basic materials, but to also prevent mold. There are many different types of mold that can grow inside the home some more harmful than others. Most mold is born from heavy amounts of water. Once flooding occurs, mold can develop within 24 to 48 hours, creating a hazardous zone inside your home. To prevent the spread of mold, you will need to react fast to any flood.

Stop the Source of the Flooding or Water Leak

The first and obvious step is to determine the source of the flood and stop it. If your home was a victim of a flood, there is not too much you can do to stop it. However, if there was a broken pipe or a faulty appliance, you will need to turn off the water and make a quick repair. If major breaks occurred, you may need a plumber to properly repair the pipe. Depending on the reason behind an appliance’s flooding the home, some issues can be fixed while other times, you need a new appliance. Along with turning off the water supply, you will need to turn off the power to the areas that are flooded. Water and electricity is never a good combination. To prevent a fire or electrical damages, turn off the power.

Call for Water Damage Restoration

Once you have dealt with the water source and made the areas safe, you will need to contact a water damage restoration service. This is considered an emergency service and they tend to respond very quickly and they are available 24/7. You will need a water damage restoration service or rent all the equipment yourself. When recovering after the flood, the water will need to be pumped out and extracted. The area of the home flooded will need to be dried out and often by using fans and dehumidifiers. The surface will need to be cleaned and treated and any structural material that is too damaged will need to be removed and replaced.

Preparing Home For Flood Damage Restoration

While you wait for a water damage restoration service to arrive, you will want to begin taking pictures of the flooding and water damage. Often your homeowner’s insurance will compensate you if you file a claim and provide proof of the water damage. Make detailed notes of what was damaged along with your pictures. After taking your pictures and notes, you will want to begin preparing the area for the restoration service. Start by taking furniture and other items out of the flooded area. Many items can be recovered. However some may also need to be thrown out. This is a process you can begin while waiting for the restoration team to arrive.

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With the proper reaction and restoration aid you can recover your home from flooding and or water damage. If you have experienced a flooding and need help, contact Heart Of Texas Chem-Dry.

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