Carpet Stain Remover Tips in Plano, TX; Clean Stains Quickly, Spot Test Cleaners, Don’t Use Hot Water & More

When cleaning carpet stains many people do it wrong. There are a number of carpet cleaning mistakes that can cause far more damage than the previous spill. Stains can spread or the wrong cleaning agent can leave your carpet damaged. It is important to cleaning spills proper to ensure you maintain clean and beautiful carpet. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share some of these common mistakes as well as the proper way to clean carpet strains.

Don’t Scrub Carpet Stains

When cleaning a stain so many people will scrub at the spot attempting to remove the stain. Vigorous scrubbing is a major mistake. The effects of scrubbing the stain cause the stain to seep deeper into the carpet and even spread causing an even bigger stain. Not only does scrubbing make the stain worse, it can also damage the carpet’s fibers. When cleaning a stain make sure to always use a blotting or dabbing motion and work from the outside of the stain towards the center.

Clean Stains Quickly

Another common mistake is waiting too long to clean a stain. At times the spill or stain can go unnoticed. However, it is important to clean up stains right away. The longer a stain or spill sits on the carpet the harder it becomes to remove the stain as well as any odors. As soon as you see a spill or any other type of stain such as pet accidents, make sure to clean up the mess just as it happens. You will have much better success removing the stains.

Spot Test Carpet Cleaner

It is important to use the right cleaning agent for your type of carpets. Not only is it important to use the right cleaners, they should also be tested first. Even an approved carpet cleaner can have negative effects. Many people never test the carpet cleaners they use which can cause colors to bleed, lighten or alter the color of the carpet. It is important to always test the carpet cleaner in a discrete area before using it on your carpet. Know what type of carpet you have in your home, get the right cleaner, and then test it.

Avoid Using Hot Water on Carpet

When cleaning stains a number of carpet cleaning articles may tell you to use hot water to remove certain stains. However, this is a major mistake. You never want to use very hot water on the carpet when cleaning a stain or for full carpet cleaning. Always use warm water as opposed to hot water. Hot water can shrink, damage carpet or cause the dyes to bleed. Never use hot water on your carpet when cleaning a stain.

Use a White Cloth to Treat Carpet Stains

When a stain occurs, many people will use any cleaning cloth they can find at the time. However, all professional carpet cleaners will stress that a white cleaning cloth should be used. The cleaning agents use to remove stains can and often does cause the dyes in the cleaning cloth to bleed out and into the carpets. The dyes from the cleaning cloth can cause a bigger mess to clean. Again, avoid colored cloth and always use white cloths to clean carpet stains.

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By following these tips you can have a better chance of removing carpet stains and maintain clean and beautiful carpets. For professional carpet cleaning services and more, contact Heart of Texas Chem-dry LLC today.

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