Why the Natural & Safe Chem Dry Carbonated Carpet Cleaning Process is Best in Leander, TX

When you see carpet cleaning services, each company will advertise that they do Steam Carpet cleaning, or Chem-Dry carpet cleaning. Most people never question the difference between the two types of carpet cleaning methods, while others may want to know which method is best. Both methods clean carpet. However, the two methods use very different methods for cleaning carpets. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to explain why our proprietary method of chem-dry carpet cleaning is superior and explain the cleaning power behind it.

How Does Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning Work?

Chem-dry carpet cleaning primary uses carbonation to extract dirt and stains out of the carpet. When people hear carbonation, they think of a bubbly soda. However, carbonation isn’t just used to create a fizzy beverage. They are also often used to clean fabric, including rugs and carpet. Many people will use club-soda as a stain remover for shirts and various other clothing. The same chemical reaction that cleans clothing is being used to help clean carpet. A carpet cleaning machine uses a carbonated base cleaning solution that is mixed with water and then injected into the carpet. The bubbling and fizzing from the carbonation loosens and lifts up the dirt and other particles out of the carpet. The carpet cleaning machine then uses a powerful suction to remove dirt and gunk from out of the carpet.

Benefits of Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning

Using chem-dry carpet cleaning has many benefits. Carbonation is an environmentally clean and safe cleaning solvent. It is also effective as well as safe to use. Chem-dry carpet cleaning also dries much quicker than steam carpet cleaning since far less water is used. Rather, it uses carbonated cleaners to lift the dirt and grime up and out of your carpet and your carpets therefore dry much faster. Fast drying carpet has many advantages. Not only can you reclaim your home quicker and begin moving furniture back in place, it is also healthier. When carpet gets wet, it needs to dry out quickly to prevent bacteria from forming inside the carpet fibers. Mold and mildew can begin to take hold underneath the carpet sooner than you might think. The quicker the carpet dries the less chances bacteria or other germs and fungus have to take hold inside your home. Regardless as to which method of carpet cleaning you choose to use, either steam cleaning or chem-dry carpet cleaning, it is wise to turn on fans to help dry the carpet out faster.

Is Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning Safe?

Many people prefer to use chem-dry carpet cleaning because it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals and is considered a non-toxic method to clean your home’s carpets. For those with sensitive skin or immune systems, chem-dry carpet cleaning has little to no effects and therefore is a good carpet cleaning solution. Chem-dry carpet cleaning is safe and effective and is able to get deep stains out of carpets. Chem-dry carpet cleaning is widely used and has become one of the more popular carpet cleaning services.

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