What Lives in Your Carpet in Lancaster, TX? Bugs, Mold, Bacteria, Germs, Pet Dander & More

When you are looking at if you need to clean your carpets or not it is important to know what is in the carpets. The carpets can be full of all sorts of things that might make you nervous when you think about it. There are lots of contaminants as well as debris on the carpet that will not be treated enough with just vacuuming. That is why you want to make sure that you have your carpets cleaned professionally. We are able to come out and clean the carpet and treat the stubborn stains. If you want to look deeper into the debris that is on the carpets it may catapult you to having them cleaned.

Heart Of Texas Chem-Dry LLC Outlines What is in Your Carpet & Why it is Worth Getting Carpets Cleaned Professionally

Hair, Pet Dander & Skin Flakes on Carpet: One of the most common things you will find on your carpets are from you and your pets. There will be hair from you and your family as well as the pets that live in your house. Although your vacuum is able to pick up most of the hair there is always more that is left behind. The other problem is that you and your family will slough off skin just as a regular way of life. The skin is going to get in the air as well as land on the carpets and the furniture. This is part of what is on your wood furniture that needs to be dusted. The skin cells can cause some problems with people that suffer from allergies and asthma. If you have a pet in the house such as a cat or dog you will notice that there is pet dander which is the equivalent to skin cells from a person. The dander is what causes more problems with allergies than other substances.
Bugs Live in Carpet: If you knew there were bugs in your house you would call a pest control company out right away. The problem is that there are pests that are living on your carpets that you may not even see! You can find fleas, ticks, mites and carpet beetles that are in the house and living on your carpets. The only way that they are able to be removed from the carpet is by calling out a professional carpet cleaner. We have the commercial equipment that is needed to remove them and get your carpets cleaned.
Bacteria, Mold & Germs Live in Carpet: One of the most common reasons that people get sick is from coming in contact with a person that is sick already. The problem is that the germs and bacteria that can lead to you getting sick can live on some of the surfaces of your house. One of the surfaces that have been found to carry germs and bacteria are your carpets. You want to have them disinfected by a professional when we come out and clean them. We can also take care of mold that might be growing on your carpet and causing you and your family to become sick.

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