What is the Hardest Stain to Remove from a Couch in McKinney, TX? Blood, Red Wine, Chocolate & Tomato Sauce

Many people have upholstered furniture in their homes. It provides a soft and comfortable place to rest and relax. When you purchase a quality piece of furniture, you want that furniture to last as long as possible. Try and you might, there are more than likely going to be spills that happen here and there. Cleaning up these spills and avoiding staining is going to help you extend the life of your furniture. However, not all stains are so simple to remove from your furniture. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry is here to talk about some of the most difficult stains to remove from your furniture.

How Do You Get Deep Set Stains Out of a Couch?

There are some stains that are going to be more difficult to remove from your upholstered furniture than others. Here are some of the toughest stains.
– Blood: There is no way around it, blood is difficult to get out of soft surfaces. Most of the time, when blood stains happen on upholstered furniture, it happens because someone has a scrape they didn’t know about, or a bloody nose happens out of nowhere. With blood, the protein and bright red color can make it one of the most difficult to remove from your furniture.
– Red Wine: One of the most common stains we see on upholstery is red wine. That is because there are many people who like to enjoy a nice glass of wine after a long day at work. Unfortunately, spills happen much easier than one would think. With red wine, that deep red color can be problematic for any fibers, including upholstery.
– Chocolate: Whether it is hot chocolate or a crumb of chocolate that missed your mouth and landed on your sofa, chocolate is on the list of most difficult stains to remove from your upholstery. There is a mixture of protein, fat and sugar in chocolate that make it a mess you definitely want to avoid on your sofa. This stain isn’t a water soluble stain and that is why it is so hard to remove.
– Tomato Sauce: Not only will you be battling another red colored stain with tomato sauce, but the grease and oil that is found in the sauce make it problematic for your sofa. They can be a difficult stain to remove that may require some elbow grease to get out. If you are prone to spills while eating, spaghetti isn’t one that you should attempt to eat on your couch.

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