What Do I Do if there’s Mold in My Carpet in Moody, TX? Can Moldy Carpeting Be Saved?

Mold inside the home is never a good situation. Mold can develop in so many places. You can find mold along the walls, in the air ducts, and even in your carpets. Carpet can develop mold which causes an unhealthy environment. Mold can cause a number of problems from basic allergies to major respiratory conditions. Mold affects the body inside and out. It can also cause skin conditions. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to share what homeowners need to know about mold in their carpets.

How Did Mold Get in My Carpet?

Mold and carpets is a common duo. When moisture is introduced to the carpets, mold can develop if the moisture isn’t dealt with properly. Carpet needs to have moisture extracted and the carpet quickly dried out to prevent mold from developing. However, there are a number of different combinations that can lead to mold development. Some of the common elements that leads to mold are:
• Damp Carpets
• Low Quality Carpets
• Flooding
• Spills From Food and Drinks
• Improper Carpet Cleaning
• High Humidity
When the carpet is introduced to an element that can lead to mold, it is important to deal with the problem right away. With a quick response you can prevent mold from developing in your carpets.

What Kills or Prevents Mold in Carpet?

The trick in preventing mold is by cleaning up spills as soon as they occur and keeping the carpets dry. When an accidental spill occurs, you will want to clean the spill up and treat the stain. Always remove as much moisture from the carpet as you can and place a fan to speed up the drying of the carpet. When carpets are being cleaned, they should never be oversoaked. Additionally, it is important to take the time to extract moisture from the carpet. After the carpet has been cleaned, it is encouraged that you turn on a fan or ceiling fan and open your windows on nice days. Most mold develops due to oversoaking and improper carpet cleaning. It is highly recommended that carpets are deep cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service. A professional not only has the training to properly clean the carpets, but they also have the proper equipment. A professional carpet cleaning service has powerful carpet cleaning machines that can extract much more moisture from out of the carpets than those you can buy commercially.

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When your carpet has been flooded due to a broken pipe or as a result of a recent storm, mold will develop in the carpets. Mold will begin to develop within 24 hours of the flooding. Recovering carpet after a flood will require the aid of a professional water damage restoration service. They can come and extract the moisture, clean and treat the carpet and dry the carpet out. Without the help of a professional service, you will most likely need to replace the carpet as mold will be inevitable. Preventing mold in carpet is not a simple task. Mold can develop due to humidity and moisture that has been exposed to the carpets. For clean and mold free carpets, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry for quality carpet cleaning and even water damage restoration services and more.

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