Tips for Clean Ceramic Tile Floors in Lorena, TX; Dirt Trapping Doormats, Tile Sealer & More

Tile flooring is great for the kitchen, bathrooms, even entryways and more. Tile can be used throughout an entire home. However, even though tile is durable and stain resistant, it can be a challenge to keep clean. Dirt settles quickly on the tile surface and can lose the shiny luster. No matter how hard you may try, tile floors never seem to stay clean. For the tired homeowner, Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share a few tips on how to keep your home tile cleaner, longer.

Dirt Trapping Doormats

One way to help reduce the dirt that comes into the home and onto your tile floors is by placing doormats at every exterior door. The doormat should help capture the dirt from outside and comes in on shoes as well. It is recommended to have a doormat on both sides of the exterior doors of the home.

No Shoes in the House Rule

Another suggestion is to implement a “no shoes in the house” rule. Have a shoe rack by the main entrance points of the home and have everyone take their shoe off at the door. Shoes are some of the biggest culprit when it comes to dirty floors. You will find far less dirt on your tile floor simply by not having shoes on in the home.

Bath & Brush Dogs to Keep Hair Off Tile

Another major contributor for dirty tile floors are pets. Outside pets that come into the home will bring a lot of dirt into the home. Additionally, dogs and cats seem to shed constantly, leaving clumps of hair along with the dirt. For pet owners, make sure to give your dogs a bath once a month and remember to brush them out weekly. The cleaner you can keep your pets, the cleaner your tile flooring will be.

Vacuum Tile Floors

Most homeowners will sweep their tile floor clean. However, sweeping can leave dust and smaller particles behind. Another alternative to cleaning tile floors is to vacuum them. Using a hard surface vacuum cleaner can pick up all of the dirt on the floor more effectively. Additionally, most people find it easier to vacuum their floors than sweeping the floors.

Clean Spills on Tile Floors Right Away

To help keep floors cleaner longer, it is recommended to clean up spills immediately. Drinks and food can leave the floor sticky and leave dirty spots on the floors. To help maintain tile floors, clean up spills as soon as they occur.

Apply Tile Sealer

To help keep the tile and grout clean, it greatly benefits to have a sealant. Having a sealer on the tile and grout can help prevent the grout from becoming filled with dirt and grease. As an added bonus, sealer makes it easier to clean up spills. Depending on the type of tile you have, be aware that some tile requires a sealer to prevent erosion.

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Tile and grout often requires deep cleaning and sealing by a professional. A professional service can come and deep clean tile and even clean grout. This service frees them from the grease and dirt that often fills in the grout line. For quality tile and grout cleaning, sealing and more, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry today.

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