Steam (Hot Water Extraction) Method VS Fast Drying Chem-Dry Carbonated Carpet Cleaning in Murphy, TX

Which is superior? Chem-Dry carpet or steam carpet cleaning? This has become a debate, and many people have a misconception as to how each process cleans carpets. Heart of Texas ChemDry would like to put this debate to rest and simply say they each are good in their own way. Both are viable ways to clean your carpets. However it is in the difference of cleaning method that persuades each individual as to which one fits their ideals and needs. Nevertheless there are still some misconceptions that mislead many people, which leave them confused. This is where Heart of Texas ChemDry will explain the two different cleaning methods and how one may appeal more to you than the other form of carpet cleaning.

How Does Steam Carpet Cleaning Work?

One misconception about steam carpet cleaning is that it actually uses steam which means it cleans better. This isn’t how it is done though. Steam carpet cleaning does use hot water to activate the cleaning detergent once it makes contact with your carpet. Now it can give off steam but in fact most carpets can be damaged if too hot of water is used. For most carpet types, hot water can either make them shrink or it will become stretched out. Another misconception about steam carpet cleaning is that it uses just hot water to rinse and extract the dirt from the carpet without the use of chemicals. Well, no again. Yes, you can just rinse your carpets with water but it won’t properly clean them. Most carpet cleaning detergents are harmless and are designed to help lift the stains or dirt deep within the carpets. In most cases, with steam cleaning the carpets are re-rinsed with straight water just to remove all the cleaning agents. Typically, they use a high suction vacuum cleaner or shop vac to extract the remaining water. Another issue is that some say with steam carpet cleaning the process takes much longer to dry. This is true, especially if you’re steam cleaning your with your own commercial grade steamer. However, professionals have a higher powered machine that does cut down on the dry time. Even so, compared to chem-dry carpet cleaning, it does take more time to dry.

Carbonated Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

One major misconception is that ChemDry carpet cleaning doesn’t use water and is a chemical based cleaning method. This is a misunderstanding that often leads people away from this style of carpet cleaning. Water is used, combined with a cleaning agent that creates carbonating foam, which penetrates deep within your carpet. The bubbles will lift all the dirt and stains out and even break down some sources of dirt and such. Afterward, the carpet is vacuumed, removing what may be left on the surface. Because this cleaning method doesn’t soak your carpets, it does clean and dry your carpets quicker saving time and money. Another benefit of some methods of Chem-Dry cleaning is that it is environmentally safe and is a natural carpet cleaning method for those with sensitive health concerns. There is a wide range of cleaning agents for those with individual health requirements.

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In the end, both get the job done. Steam carpet cleaning and ChemDry carpet cleaning are two valuable ways to clean carpets. Some will say Chem-Dry holds more benefits and is the wiser choice, but in the end it will be up to the person and what they feel would be best for the home and family. If you’re shopping for a professional carpet cleaner, contact Heart of Texas ChemDry and see how we can clean your carpets.

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