How to Remove Old Blood Stains from Carpet in Roanoke, TX with Hydrogen Peroxide or Salt

There are some stains that appear on your carpets or rugs that can seem impossible to remove. The great thing is that as long as the actual carpet fibers are not damaged the stain or spot can often be removed. The biggest trouble that a homeowner might have is that there are different methods depending on what you are trying to clean. If you are trying to get gum out of your carpet you use ice but if you are treating hot wax you need to use heat. If you go about treating each and every spill and stain the same you will end up with a mess and potentially setting the stain in place. A stain that can occur and needs to be treated properly is a blood stain. They are a stain that can come out of nowhere from a pet or person that has been injured. You want to make sure that you know the best way to get the blood out of your carpets or rugs. Heart Of Texas Chem-Dry LLC outlines what methods you can use when treating a blood stain in your carpets.

Get Blood Out of Carpet with Hydrogen Peroxide

If you are ready to take on a blood stain you can try a method that involves hydrogen peroxide. You can use a Q-tip to dip in the peroxide and then work on the stain from the outer edge into the center. You want to use caution that you only treat the affected fibers. You also want to try and run a spot test on a hidden area of your carpet to ensure that the peroxide will not have a bad reaction to your carpets. Each type of carpet can have a different reaction and that is why it is a good idea to check first. You want to clean the stain slowly and then follow up with a clean cloth that is dampened with cold water. This method is not recommended if you have a large stain to work on.

Make a Salt Scrub to Remove Blood Stains on Carpet

You might think that a salt scrub is for the day spa but it can be a great for a stain on your carpet as well. You want to create the scrub by a using your average table salt and some cold water. The cold water and salt mixture should not be too lose because you want to pack it around the blood stain. The salt scrub that you made can be placed over the area that has been stained and then left to sit. The salt will help to absorb the blood that is on the carpet giving you a vessel to get it off the ground. After an hour of or longer you can pick up the dried salt and then use the vacuum to remove any leftover residue.

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If you are unsuccessful treating any type of stain including blood, you can call out a professional. We have the ability to treat the area and have it removed with the right type of cleaning solution. Heart Of Texas Chem-Dry LLC can come to your home and treat any stains that might be hard to remove. Call us today to make your appointment.

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