Proper Vacuuming Techniques in Allen, TX; Empty Vacuum Bag or Canister During Carpet Cleaning

For homes with carpets, it is essential to regularly vacuum your carpets to maintain healthier living. There are a number of pests, bacteria, and indoor pollens that can affect the health of your loved ones. Additionally, by keeping your carpets regularly vacuumed and occasionally cleaned, it will extend the life of your carpet. However, this means having a good serviceable vacuum cleaner. There are some homeowners that seem to run their vacuum cleaner into the ground and replace their vacuum cleaner anywhere between 1 and 3 years. This is due to improper care of the vacuum cleaner, or poor vacuuming techniques. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to share some of the common mistakes that can cause your vacuum cleaner to break, which hopefully can be avoided in the future.

Empty Vacuum Bag or Canister Often

One of the most common mistakes many people make is to wait until the bag, or container if your vacuum is a bag-less, to full before they empty it. Most bags and/or the container for bagless vacuums show a clear line when they should be emptied. This is usually around the half way mark. Some will disregard this “so-called” suggestion; however it is not a suggestion. If you stop and clean your vacuum when you are supposed to, your vacuum will have better performance and last longer.

Clean Vacuum Filter & Dust Cup

Another common mistake is to forget to clean the vacuum’s filter, and for some, cleaning out the dust cup before every use. At bare minimum filters and the dust cup should be cleaned out the same time as the bags. This will help to ensure proper function of your vacuum cleaner. If the filter gets too dirty, suction power greatly decreases. On top of that, your vacuum cleaner will begin to overheat. This often leads to the end of your vacuum’s life.

Remove Hair Wrapped Around Vacuum Roller

For those with long haired members in the household or pets, the brush roller often gets a lot of hair wrapped around it. Most will neglect the brush roller and never remove the tangled hair until the vacuum seems to be having problems. By waiting until this point, you may be too late. Best case scenario is that your vacuum’s belt burns and breaks off due to the accumulation of hair. Worst case is your vacuum’s motor works too hard, overheats and breaks down. Furthermore, never have your vacuum on a short carpet setting when you have longer carpet. This doesn’t help clean carpets better by making the brush closer to the ground. This isn’t how the vacuum works. By having your vacuum cleaner on a lower setting then what is required can prevent the brush roller from turning correctly which also leads to the belt burning up. Your vacuum cleaner is actually less effective.

Vacuum Cleaner Retractable Cord Mechanism Care

There are vacuum cleaners with retractable cords. Most will push the retract button and allow the cord to wrap up. It is best to guide the cord in making sure it goes in correctly, and most of all, that the cord isn’t snagged on anything. This retractable feature is great when they work but they often break because they get snagged, twisted, or are not fed in correctly. They can bunch up, when the user pulls to extend the cord; it may take too much force leading to the problems.

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If you seem to be going through vacuum after vacuum, you may just think “they just don’t build them like they use too.” Maybe you should instead look at how you use your vacuum. The error may be the user and not the manufacturer. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry hopes we were able to help point out some common mistakes that can be easily avoided in the future. With proper care of your vacuum cleaner, it will last longer and keep your carpets cleaner. For all of your carpet cleaning needs, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry today.

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