Professional Leather Couch Furniture Cleaning, Conditioning & Restoration in Corinth, TX

Leather furniture is durable, but that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. When you decide you want to buy a piece of leather furniture there are factors you should consider as far as potential damage in the future.

Leather Furniture Sun Damage

Sun fades furniture. The problem with leather furniture is that the heat will also dry it out like a sunburn to your skin that will eventually crack and then peel. Heat will cause the leather finish to crack and eventually pull away from the rest of the furniture. Heat damage doesn’t only come from the sun. It can be caused by heat vents, radiators or space heaters. You need to take all of these heat sources into account when you decide where your leather furniture will be placed.

Leather Couch Stains

Relaxing on the couch at the end of a long day is great but relaxing with a glass of red wine and a slice of pizza can lead to stains. Many people have the idea in their head that spills will just run off a leather surface. If these liquid or food spills are left on the surface for too long they can actually ruin leather because they can sink in. Spills need to be wiped up immediately and cleaned with a leather cleaner. Gently rub the area with a clean cloth until it is dry. It goes without saying that we don’t let our children draw on the furniture, but accidents happen and ink transfer from magazines and books can occur. If you own leather furniture, play it safe and place your reading materials on the coffee table.

Causes of Leather Discoloration

Leather has its own oils and there are cleaning solutions that can lift those oils and cause cracks and breaks in the leather. There are detergents, soaps and sprays than can destroy your furniture. One of the great things about leather furniture is that all it usually takes to clean it is a soft cloth and lukewarm water. If you’re worried about damaging your leather furniture contact a leather cleaning expert. Neglecting to clean your leather furniture can be just as damaging as using the wrong products on it. Perspiration and body oils can soak into leather and breakdown the fibers. It can also cause discoloration.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Services & More in Waco, Dallas, Arlington, Harker Heights, Cedar Park, Allen & the State of Texas

When leather becomes soft it can look saggy and if you have a favorite spot it can stick out like a sore thumb. You can avoid this by rotating cushions to evenly distribute the usage so your couch will have a uniform look. You should also clean your leather furniture with a leather kit every few months. These kits clean the leather by removing oils, dirt and dust. They also help your leather furniture retain its natural oils that protect against accidental spills. Knowing what causes leather furniture damage will help you protect it. Heart of Texas Chem Dry, LLC. can keep your leather furniture looking beautiful. Give us a call today!

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