Is Vacuuming Carpet Good Enough in Georgetown, TX? Need to Remove Stains, Odors & More

When you want to get your floors looking good there are some things that you can do. If you have hardwood, tile or stone you can start with sweeping. This is a great way to get the dirt and debris off the ground so that you can then follow up with mopping. This will get the floors looking good so that you can enjoy them. If you want to have the floors looking their very best and lasting you will also need to have them professionally cleaned, polished and sealed on a regular basis. When it comes to carpets you need to use different techniques to clean them. If you ask most people they assume that as long as you are running your vacuum over your carpet on a regular basis they are clean. Although using the vacuum is important it is not the only thing that you need to do to keep carpets clean and lasting a long time.

Heart of Texas Chem-Dry Outlines Why Vacuum Carpets Doesn’t Remove All the Dust, Dirt & Pollutants

Need to Treat & Remove Carpet Stains: One of the problems that many people have when they have carpets is that if anything spills on the carpet it will cause a stain. These spills can happen from a child that is walking around with a juice cup. It can even be knocking your coffee or tea off the counter leaving a major spill. Any of these spills should be treated with a particular cleaning method. If you think that vacuuming your carpet is enough then you are mistaken. A vacuum is great for some things but the vacuum will never be able to treat a stain on the carpet. That is why you need to make sure that you are ready to treat stains and also have the carpets cleaned professionally.
Need to Neutralize Carpet Odors: Have you ever spilled a jar of pickles or coffee? It seems that even after you clean up the stain there is still a smell that is lingering. The other way that your carpets can be loaded with odor is if you have a pet. They seem to have accidents that will leave odor because it gets deep down in the carpets and padding. If you are choosing to just run your vacuum after the pet stain has dried it will do nothing for the smell. You will need to make sure that the carpet is cleaned professionally so that they are able to treat the stain that is deep down in the fibers and the padding.
Need to Get Ground in Dirt Out of Carpets: When you are running your vacuum it is an important part of caring for your carpet. The vacuum is great to treat the dirt and debris that is on the surface. The problem is that over time the dirt and debris will start to get smashed into the carpet that is deeper. The vacuum is not able to get to that level and it will damage the carpet over time.

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