Is Carpet Protector Spray Worth It in Dallas, TX? How Long Does Dupont Teflon Last?

Believe it or not, the technology of carpet protection started in 1952. The repellent qualities of carpet protection was discovered accidentally by Patsy and Samuel Smith. It became the spray that was marketed to be applied to carpet and furniture to create repellency to prevent carpets and furniture from getting dirty again so quickly. Some people feel it’s ineffective because they try to apply to themselves and don’t always achieve the desired results. It’s best to hire professionals to apply carpet protection. It just works better because a reliable company will make sure it’s done right. We have superior products and equipment as well as knowledge and experience!

Reasons to Hire Professionals to Apply Carpet Protector

1. Some companies don’t apply the correct protector that has anti-dye resisters. There’s more than one formula for carpet protectors and the price will help you spot the ones that aren’t as good. Make sure the company uses Dupont Teflon.
2. Some companies don’t use enough protector for the right coverage. When carpet protection fails it’s the result of not enough protection applied when the carpet was damp. This will happen if the person doing it doesn’t know how to apply it properly. The correct dilution methods need to be followed.
3. Sometimes the carpet isn’t groomed correctly after protection is applied. Carpet protection needs to be groomed after application. Another benefit to grooming the carpet is that it breaks the moisture barrier and helps it dry faster. Air movers can be used to help the drying process along.
4. Proper dilution is imperative. There are two kinds of carpet cleaners. One will use the right application methods and some won’t because they don’t really care. To ensure effective repelling of spots and stains, it needs to be diluted correctly.
5. Some carpet cleaners will substitute deodorizer if they run out of protectant. Other than the lying, it won’t work! It also reflects poorly on the industry as a whole. If you are suspicious, ask to see the bottle and keep an eye on the application process because some of our competitors may even use water if they can get away with it!

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Carpet is awesome. What fabric can you think of that can take the wear of years and years of foot traffic, spills and other abuse and can still come out looking great after it has been cleaned? Do you really need carpet protection? Yes!! It’s always important to have Dupont Teflon applied every time you have your carpets cleaned because it will wear off with regular vacuuming and normal wear and tear. Contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry to have your carpets cleaned and protected. We offer several types of carpet protectants such as our trademarked Chem-Dry, Powerguard, Repel and Wool Protectant.

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