Improve Indoor Air Quality with Professional Mattress Deep Cleaning & Stain Removal in Belton, TX

As most people know, we spend a good portion of our lives in our beds. Deep and restful sleep is essential to our productivity, health, and for a long life as many studies have shown. Many people will use soothing music, weighted blankets or medication to help them sleep better. However, another key element to restful sleep is a clean bed and mattress. Heart Of Texas Chem-Dry LLC would like to share how a clean mattress can provide a better night’s sleep and the advantages of professional mattress cleaning.

Clean Mattress Gives a Better Night’s Sleep

A clean mattress has been proven to provide a better night’s sleep. This is because a mattress contains a lot of contaminates. People shed dead skin cells every day. A lot of the skin cells get rubbed off in the bed and will make its way into the mattress. Humans also sweat at night, which adds bacteria. Put these things together and you’ll find the bed is slowly become rather unhealthy. You won’t just find skin cells and bacteria in a mattress either. You’ll also find dust mites which are feeding on the bodily remnants. Dust mites also shed skin and leave their waste in the mattress. What a dirty mattress sums up to is an indoor health hazard. The mattress too is producing pollutants in your home’s indoor air as well as causing skin irritations. Indoor allergies and skin irritations all lead to poorer sleep, or sometimes even preventing deep sleep which is essential.

Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Maintaining a clean mattress has been proven to improve indoor air quality, lower health problems, and allow a better night’s sleep. To maintain a clean mattress all bedding should be washed once a week and the mattress vacuumed and rotated once a month or every three months at most. However, deep mattress cleaning should be done about every two to three years and in some cases, even sooner.

How to Deep Clean a Mattress

Deep cleaning a mattress includes vacuuming with a powerful machine. Cleaning the mattress often accompanies a disinfectant or sterilizer and a deodorizer. Not everyone has the proper tools to do a deep mattress cleaning or have the time it takes. Professional mattress cleaning is often recommended, since they have all the proper tools for the job. Professional mattress cleaning services invest in powerful vacuums to reach deep within the mattress. They also use chem-dry cleaning machines which also kill more bacteria and dust mites that are on the mattress. Being well equipped for the job they can provide quality mattress cleaning. Using a professional service ensures quality and can also help save money on the cost of renting or buying the materials and tools to properly clean your home’s mattresses.

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To extend the need for a deep cleaning, remember to keep the bedding washed and cleaned, and to vacuum and spot clean stains as they occur. With regular maintenance cleaning, you can help extend the time between mattress cleanings. Additionally, you can use mattress covers which can help protect the mattress. However, the mattress covers don’t keep the mattress clean forever as a small percentage of bacteria and dust mites do remain in the mattress. If you want a better night’s sleep and feel it’s time to have your mattresses deep cleaned by a professional service, then contact Heart Of Texas Chem-Dry LLC today.

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