How to Protect Carpet Floors When Moving Furniture in Harker Heights, TX; Masking, Sliders & More

Moving is one of the most stressful things that anyone can do. Trying to get settled in the new home while wrapping up loose ends at the old place can seem like a lot to juggle. There are many things you need to consider as you go through the moving process. One of those considerations you need to make has to do with flooring. You don’t want to have your carpet ruined in the moving process while there are so many people going in and out. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry is here to share some tips to help keep your carpet protected the next time you find yourself in the middle of the moving process.

Benefits of Carpet Masking

Carpet masking is somewhat similar to saran wrap, only made for your carpet. With one side consisting of sticky adhesive, you don’t have to worry about it moving around on your carpet as people walk on it. Even though this barrier is a thin one, you would be surprised to see how much it will protect your carpet from the high amount of traffic it is about to experience.

Large Indoor & Outdoor Entry Mats

A mat at your entryway is one of the most important things to remember. This will remove the dirt and debris from the bottom of everyone’s shoes as they step into the home. It should be a large mat, big enough that the first 3-4 steps are taken on it. If there is any sort of weather like rain or snow, an entry mat allows movers a place to get rid of the excess moisture on their feet before stepping into your home.

Disposable Shoe Covers to Protect Carpet

Another great option that will help protect your carpet is shoe booties. These inexpensive slip covers made to fit any sized foot, is one very effective way to keep shoes from tracking in filth on your carpet. This is a fool-proof way to keep your carpet protected.

Use Furniture Sliders on Carpet

Moving heavy items is no joke. It can be back breaking labor. When items are this heavy, it may be tempting to drag it along the floor as far as possible, but you should avoid doing this. The edges of heavy furniture can catch on the fibers of your carpet and cause snagging not to mention carpet buckling and rippling. This will leave you with carpet that needs to be repaired once everything is moved in. Furniture sliders are available in all shapes and sizes, and will make moving heavy furniture easier.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Waco, Dallas, Harker Heights, Cedar Park, Allen & the State of Texas

If, during your move, you find that your carpet is heavily soiled, this is the perfect time to get them professionally cleaned by the experts at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry. We will remove any trace of your last moving experience from your carpet so you can enjoy your new home. It doesn’t matter how soiled your carpets are, we are able to remove even the toughest stains. Call us today!

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