How to Deep Clean & Care for Travertine Floors in Plano, TX; Stain Removal, Sealing & More

Travertine is both a beautiful and durable stone that is used as an interior and exterior building material. They can be used for counter tops, wall siding, and floors. Additionally, if properly cared for, travertine can last forever. Travertine is super simple to take of. However it does take a level of diligence. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share how to remove stains, clean and care for Travertine in your home.

Tips for Cleaning Travertine Floors

In general, travertine is extremely easily to manage. Nonetheless, it does take regular work to preserve travertine. Basically, travertine should be dry mopped every day. Keep in mind, travertine varies. Some are more porous than others, some are polished and most are always sealed. You must keep the sealer and the floor protected and clean. A quick dry or dust mop will keep dirt and debris from getting embedded in the pores and grooves. Cleaning travertine is also super simple. In most cases, plain water and a mop will keep the surface perfectly clean. Occasionally a cleaning agent should be used. Make sure to always use stone cleaner for travertine. Travertine can be stained from any colored liquid such as juice, soda, and coffee. Therefore, when a spill occurs wipe it clean immediately to prevent deep staining. If the stone happens to develop a stain, most stone cleaners can clean stains on travertine.

How to Remove Hard Water & Other Stains from Travertine

If travertine develops a super stubborn stain that the stone cleaner can’t remove, try a poultice. There are commercial poultice products you can buy or you can find many homemade poultice recipes to help remove stubborn stains on stone. Make sure to apply the poultice and let it set for at least one hour before wiping the area clean. One recipe for a poultice is made by combining baking soda or sodium bicarbonate with your commercial stone cleaner. Apply the stone cleaner and then sprinkle the baking soda. The baking soda acts as an absorbent that pulls the stain out of the stone. Another method for deeper stains is combining equal amounts of water and baking soda which creates a paste. Add a little bit of liquid dish soap and apply the mixture on top of the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes. Make sure to place a cloth over the top. Wipe the paste away. You may need to repeat the same technique a second time if some of the stain remains. Afterward, make sure to wipe the area clean so no remnants of the paste remains.

Sealing Travertine

It is recommended you have all travertine sealed to help protect the surface from stains and even erosion. As stated earlier, it’s better to prevent stains and wipe the liquid away before it has time to soak into the stone and leave behind a stubborn stain. Travertine is easy to manage but does take diligence. Make sure to keep the stone regularly cleaned and maintained. Some travertine that receives high traffic may require a resealing over time.

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