How to Clean & Remove Old Rust Marks & Stains from Carpet in Dallas, TX

If you have carpet in your home then you know that treating for spills and stains is a never-ending job. Even the most careful families will end up with a spill here and there. There are some stains that need to be treated in a particular way to ensure that they are removed and the carpet not damaged. Stains that are most common are juice, food and dirt from shoes and they all need to be treated with a cleaner in order to clean them completely. One type of stain that is not as common but can happen to anyone is rust on your carpet. Rust is when any metal object that is not sealed is exposed to the elements particularly moisture. The metal will start to break down and that turns into rust. It is a reddish orange coloring that will start to come off the metal. There are several pieces of furniture and décor that could be made from metal such as shelving units, plant stands or even dressers. If there is any part of the metal feet that touches the carpet and has any exposure to the moisture rust could happen. Be sure to use the right cleaning method to remove it from the carpet.

Heart of Texas Chem-Dry Offers Lots of Tips to Clean & Remove Rust from Carpets

Remove the Metal Furniture Off the Carpet: The first thing you need to do when dealing with any spill or stain is to take out the item that has caused the stain. The same goes for dealing with rust on your carpet. You want to take the item that is rusting and take it out of the house or at least off the carpet. You can have the item cleaned and refinished so that it is then safe to keep in your home again. Before you can bring the item back in you will need to have the rust cleaned off.
Scrape the Rust Off of the Carpet: Now that the source of the rust has been moved out of the area you can start to clean the spot. The first step is to remove the excess rust from the carpet. You can do this by taking the back of a metal spoon and slowly scratching the area. This will help to remove the rust from the fibers so they can then be picked up. You want to be careful when doing this step so that you don’t cause damage to the fibers of the carpet. Then use your vacuum to remove the rust that has been broken up. This will prevent the rust from spreading out any further.
Clean The Remaining Rust Stain: Now that the excess is cleaned off the carpet you can clean the rust color that is left over. There are two great methods that you can use. Start by taking lemon juice and salt and let it sit on the area for a few minutes. Then you can use warm water to soak the area and the rust should start to dissipate. Then follow up with a clean cloth to dab the area. The other option is to use a sponge and dish soap that you can dab on the spot and allow it to sit for about five minutes. Then dab with a clean cloth until the color has been removed.

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