How to Clean & Remove Harmful Germs, Bacteria, Mold & Mildew from Carpet in Georgetown, TX

There are times in the year that germs seem to run through every home and family. The most common time of year that people are sick is the winter. The winter is when most people spend more time indoors and germs are able to spread easily. The problem is that you need to find a way to keep the germs out of your house and away from your family. The germs can come in the home in a variety of ways and that is why you need to have a plan to treat the surfaces. The carpets in your home happen to be hiding all sorts of unwanted germs and other debris. The germs and the debris can take hold on your carpet fibers and continue to make your family sick. You first need to know what germs you are combating. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry outlines what germs and debris are hiding on your carpets.

Flu Germs Can Live on Carpet

One of the problems you will see is that when people start to get sick it will run through each member of the house. If you got it bad, the illness will take a second lap around your home and that means each person may end up with it again. The two most common illnesses that seem to be a problem are a cold and flu. They can be a virus or a bacteria that you have come in contact with often from a surface or other person. When you start to show symptoms you have already been exposed and likely have been spreading the germs around the surfaces of your home. The problem is that these germs can land on your carpets and they will not die. The germs can last for some time and the more you allow them to sit the more people can end up sick. You want to have your carpets cleaned professionally to remove the germs.

Bacteria on Carpet

Another problem that you might have with your carpets is bacteria that might be on them. The bacteria can come from your pets dragging in dead animals or walking in a mess outside. It can also be from raw foods that have been dropped and brought in over the carpet. The problem is that the bacteria can live on your carpets and that will cause your family to be exposed. It is best to have your carpets cleaned by a professional to kill off any bacteria.

Mold & Mildew on Carpet

The other mess that you may end up with is mold and mildew. This is something that will often happen when the carpets are moistened in some way. It can be a major flood that has doused the carpets or it can be a humid atmosphere. The moisture along with some heat will create the environment that can grow mold and mildew. You want to take care of any mold or mildew right away because it can be damaging to your health.

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