How to Clean & Remove Bleach Spill Stains from Carpet in Cedar Park, TX Before it Really Lightens Your Carpet Fibers!

Carpets are durable and resilient. Many stains can be taken care of with the right action. Keeping it vacuumed and treated with care can afford your carpets many years. However, there are some things that can occur on carpet that can be more of a challenge to resolve, or even impossible. When something catastrophic happens to your carpet, it is important to respond fast and get professional assistance. Bleach and bleach based products are among the list of catastrophes where getting aid is important. Today, we at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to expound on bleach contacting your carpet, and what you should do in the event of such a scenario.

How to Clean Up a Bleach Spill

For starters, when bleach alters your carpet, many people refer to it as a “stain”. A stain suggests a substance coating that may be lifted. The hard truth is that bleach stains cannot be removed in the matter of which is customary for other stains. For example, if you should spill wine on your carpet, you can simply use paper towels to remove the excess liquid and concoct a solution of water, white vinegar and liquid dish soap to remove it with the proper techniques. But once bleach befalls your carpet, it is not merely coating the fibers; it is dissolving the color pigment. Once the pigment is gone, no amount of vinegar or water will replace the color. The longer bleach sits, however, the lighter your carpet will get. Tending to the bleach spot as quickly as possible will minimize the damage and make repairs a bit easier.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Bleach Stains

Below are our tips on what to do if bleach or bleach based products are spilled on your carpets. When treating bleach, avoid the following:
– Hot water
– Colored or printed cloths, towels, or paper towels for blotting
– Friction from rubbing, scrubbing, and wiping with excessive pressure.

How to Treat & Remove Bleach Stains

1) Blot: Gently blot the excess moisture from the carpet with light pressure. Use multiple dry rags to absorb the liquid if needed. Using light pressure to blot will help you avoid pushing the bleach deeper into the fibers. Keep in mind that dyed or printed fabric or paper towels can potentially transfer onto the carpet. Use plain white cloths to tend to your bleach stain to avoid this. Begin blotting on the outer rims of the stain and work your way in towards the center to contain the stain and avoid spreading it out further.
2) Rinse: Do NOT over saturate, but sparingly, sponge cool water onto the stain. Blot with a dry towel in between rinsing to avoid over saturation if the stain is large and needs multiple applications of water.
3) Treat: Mix together 8oz or 1 cup of cool water and ¼ cup white vinegar in a squirt bottle and mix well. Moderately spray the solution onto the bleached area. Allow the mixture to set for five minutes.
4) Rinse: Blot the spot to rinse the out the solution with a damp cloth.
5) Dry: Use an old towel to absorb as much of the dampness as possible. After you feel satisfied with your efforts, place a dry cloth or towel on the area and weigh it down with a heavy object and let it sit overnight. Vacuum the area in the morning if the spot is thoroughly dried.

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Removing bleach stains isn’t easy and it’s important to act fast. Contact a professional from Heart of Texas Chem-Dry for the best chance to correct the bleach stain.

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