How to Clean & Get Gel, Ballpoint, Printer & Other Ink Stains Out of Carpets in Carrollton, TX

There are some stains that can appear on your carpet that seem like they will never come off. Some people will move a piece of furniture or a buy a rug to cover these hard to treat stains. One of the stains that you never want to see on your carpet is ink. This can be from a child that has gotten a hold of a pen or marker and practiced their handwriting. Others can be a pen that breaks and the ink leaks out and gets on the carpet or a printer ink cartridge that gets dropped. Ink is simply a dye that is in the pen that is supposed to stain. When you write on a piece of paper you want it to stay there. The same happens when you drop the ink on your carpet. The ink will hit the carpet fibers and will soak into them staining them. That is why you need to know the best method to get the ink cleaned off your carpet.

Heart Of Texas Chem-Dry LLC Outlines Steps to Clean & Remove Ink from Your Carpet

Removing Water Based Ink Stains from Carpet: If you have kids at home you likely have those washable markers and rollerball pens. These are the most common kinds of pens to have in a house and luckily are the easiest to clean off your carpet. The great thing is that they are a water based ink and have the least amount of staining power. You want to start with a bowl full of warm water and mix in a tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Then you can soak a clean cloth in the water mixture and dab at the stain. The ink will start to pull off the carpet and set into the cloth. You can repeat the process when you need to if any residual stain remains.
How to Remove Permanent Marker from Carpet: This is not something you want to see on your carpet. We all have a sharpie or other permanent marker that we use to label boxes and other belongings. This marker is made to last and should not wash off easily. When it gets on the carpet you need to work fast to try and get it off. You want to collect rubbing alcohol, warm water and clean cloth to get you started. Use the clean cloth and soak it into the rag that you will be using to clean the spot. Then dab at the stain from the ink and this will release the stain from the carpet. You will notice the transfer on the rag that you are using. Then follow up with dabbing at the area will warm water to remove some of the remaining residue that is left behind.
How to Remove Ballpoint Ink Stains on Carpet: The ballpoint pen is another type of pen that you might have around the house. The ink needs to be treated different because it is not water based but also is not intended to be treated as a permanent ink either. You want to get a can of lacquer hairspray that you can use on the spot. Spray the area to start to soften the ink and allow you the ability to remove it. Then follow up with a clean cloth to dab at the space. Then use water and some liquid dish soap to follow up with the area after the hairspray has been used.

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