How Not to Treat, Clean & Remove Old Pet & Other Stains from Carpet in Cedar Park, TX

When it comes to dealing with carpet stains, there is more to it than simply spraying a generic carpet cleaner on top of it and scrubbing it out. Most people shudder at the idea of having their carpet besmirched by spots and stains. Keeping up on regular vacuuming, professional cleanings, and avoiding stains can keep your carpets in pristine condition and even extend the lifespan. Even if the room is meticulously cleaned, stained carpets can pull your eyes to that unsightly blemish, bringing the room’s aesthetics down. Keeping on top of stains is important if you want that carpet to last and last in optimal condition.

How Not to Remove Old Carpet Stains

Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when it comes to cleaning up carpet stains. With that in mind, we at the Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to relate the most common mistakes that should be avoided when treating the spots and stains on your carpet.
1) Do Not Skip the Patch Test. Whether you opt to use any commercial premade carpet cleaners or choose to mix your own homemade remedy, be sure to conduct a patch test. Before diving blindly into treatment, conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the carpet fibers or colors will not be compromised in the process. Some materials used to manufacture carpet fibers, or the dyes that are coating the fibers to achieve the perfect shade may not be compatible with certain chemical ingredients.
2) Do Not Bypass the Cleaning Label. There are a lot of cleaners that can be used on carpets, but there are more cleaners that are not designed for carpets. If you are using a commercial cleaning detergent, follow manufacturer’s directions for optimal results and ensure it is safely used on carpets. If it doesn’t clarify the use on carpets, more than likely it is not compatible.
3) Do Not Use Colored & Dyed Cleaning Cloths. Dyed or printed paper towels, cloths, or towels to treat any stains are not recommended to treat stains. There has been quite a few times where the dye or print from the towel, cloth or paper towel has transferred onto the carpet during the stain removal process. Not only is the stain still there, but now a more challenging stains from the dye is now layered on top of the original spot. Stick to using all white towels, paper towels and cloths to treat your carpet stains.
4) Do Not Scrub at Carpet Stains. Aggressively attacking the stains with vigorous rubbing or scrubbing the carpet is doing more bad than good. Stains are merely pushed deeper into the fibers and spreading them out wider, making the stain worse. Always blot with mild, moderate and in some cases intense pressure to lift away stains. Additionally, when blotting the stains do not start in the center, but work the outer rims towards the center for better containment.
5) Do NOT Use Hot Water to Treat Carpet Stains. Hot water on most stains, especially dye stains, will only encourage the stain to set into the fibers. Stick with cool water or lukewarm if necessary, otherwise you can be stuck with a permanent stain.
6) Do Not Wait to Clean a Carpet Stain. Never leave a stain until later. For more successful carpet stain removing, lifting it up as soon as it happens is far more effective. Allowing stains to set will more than likely make it a challenge to remove.
7) Carpet Knowledge & Research. Most people know what carpet is made of when they buy it themselves. However, when moving into a new home you may not know and trying to figure out what is can assist you in treating stains. There are many various materials used to construct carpet fibers. Some fiber materials cannot be cleaned with specific ingredients, or only cleaned with them. If possible try to know what material is used and if you cannot, the patch is definitely not worth skipping if you cannot find out what the carpet is made from.

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