How Long Should a Good Sofa Last? Extending the Life of the Upholstery in Temple, TX

Upholstery is constantly abused with people sitting and laying on it, along with children playing on it like it’s a jungle gym not to mention furry pets. In no time at all your upholstery can go from gorgeous to hideous with wear, stains and odors. Much like rugs, carpets, and other such applications, if you do not practice diligent care and maintenance, the upholstery will not last. With that in mind, we at Heart of Texas ChemDry would like to help you extend the life of your upholstery and keep it in maximum condition by offering some tips and advice.

How Long Should a Good Sofa Last?

The upholstery can last anywhere between 7 and 15 years on average, depending on the type of upholstery and the quality. For most families, preserving the favorite sofa for even five years can be challenging with the daily wear. There are many circumstances and elements that can impact the fabric of your upholstery and these things are present in most households. Examples of the factors that will expedite the natural deterioration are as follows:
– Dust, Dirt, and Debris
– Human Sweat
– Pet Hair, Fur, and Dander
– Pet Accidents
– Food and Beverage Spills
– Chemicals and Other Substance Spills
– Dryness and Humidity Levels
– Direct Contact with Sunlight

How to Protect Upholstery from Fading, Stains & Wear

We have offered some steps and additional preventative practices that can help you in your efforts to keep your upholstery clean, vibrant, and in prime condition far beyond the expected lifespan.
1) Avoid Sunlight. Over continually exposure to the sun, even a few hours every day, can make the upholstery colors and patterns look faded and the upholstery dry. If your upholstered furniture is in view to sunlight, be sure to the different window treatments such as blinds and curtains to block the sun’s rays during the peak hours.
2) Do Your Upholstery Research. Labels on the upholstery indicate the proper care your upholstery needs including proper cleaning detergent, pre-treatments, and what not to use. If you do not have a label, research your type of upholstery to find the proper applications.
3) Vacuum Couches Regularly. The surfaces from top to bottom and surrounding areas and the cushion in its entirety should be vacuumed thoroughly with the vacuum’s hose and applicable attachments at least once a week or more so if needed. As people use their upholstered furniture in conjunction with the accumulation of soils, such as dirt, dust, allergens and other debris lingering on the surface can aggravate the upholstery, adding to the wear. If the debris continues to fester, it penetrates below the surface, causing the fabric to look dull and lifeless. Regularly vacuuming keeps the upholstery looking young and minimizes the decay.
4) Rotate Sofas Regularly. The cushions are commonly reversible, if that includes your furniture, every time you vacuum, flip the cushion and rotate it to a different spot to keep the wear evened out and to avoid the divots.
5) Keep Pet Hair Off Upholstered Furniture. If you have pets, whether or not they are allowed on the furniture or not, have a lint brush or dish glove handy to routinely collect the pet hair and dander because it acts much like dirt and debris by increasing the wear.
6) Invest in Professional Sofa Cleaning. To remove the particulates that have been absorbed beneath the surface that the vacuum wasn’t powerful enough to extract along with any spots and stains and attached odors, a professional cleaning at least once a year can clean, sanitize, and deodorize the upholstery, keeping it fresh and vibrant.

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When your upholstery is in need of professional cleaning, call in the experts of the Heart of Texas ChemDry and let our professionals get your upholstery deeply cleaned. Once a year, or more frequently as needed, the upholstery should be professionally cleaned to remove any dust and debris the vacuum couldn’t extract, remove any spots and stains as well as neutralize odors.

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