How Long Does it Take to Restore Carpet in a Home After Water Damage in Waco, TX?

When a pipe bursts in your home or the sewer system backs up, the clock is ticking to save your home. Water damage doesn’t just ruin walls, floors and furniture, it opens the path for mold and mildew to develop as well. A home is our personal sanctuary. When it becomes a hazardous environment filled with mold, it will become harder and more expensive to reclaim. Today, Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to share how water damage restoration services can help save your home and how time matters.

How Do You Recover from Water Damage?

Water damage restoration has many steps and is a process that is designed to reduce the effects of water damage caused by flooding, leaks, or other water-related scenarios. This process will involve removing any excess water, drying the affected area, cleaning, and restoring the home to its original condition. While each step may vary depending on the severity and type of water damage, the general process has the same basic stages. Here are the steps a professional water damage restoration service will take to save your home.
Step 1. Assessment and Inspection: The first step is to evaluate the total extent of the water damage and identify the source of the water. This first step helps in determining the proper course of action and the necessary equipment and resources to restore your home.
Step 2. Water Extraction: The next step is to remove any standing water and excess moisture from the affected area. Water extraction is done by using pumps, vacuums, and other specialized water extraction equipment. The faster the water is removed, the less damage it will cause to the home.
Step 3. Drying and Dehumidification: After the excess water has been removed, the affected site or area will need to be thoroughly dried. A professional service will use industrial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers that evaporates the moisture and maintain proper humidity levels in the home. Proper drying of the home helps in preventing mold or mildew growth and potential secondary damage.
Step 4. Cleaning and Sanitizing: Once the area is dry, the next step is cleaning and sanitizing. It may be necessary to remove any contaminants, such as bacteria, mold, or viruses, that may have been introduced by the water. This step may involve using specialized cleaning agents, antimicrobial treatments, and even air scrubbers to ensure a clean and safe environment.

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It’s important to note that water damage restoration should be carried out by trained professionals, as attempting to clean and restore water-damaged carpet without the proper knowledge and equipment can lead to further damage and health risks. For fast and reliable water damage restoration services, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry today.

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