How Do You Get Candle Wax Stains Out of a Carpet Without an Iron in Robinson, TX? Freezing It & More

Candles become more popular during the holidays. There are so many great scents that can help enhance your holiday atmosphere. As candles can help improve the holiday mood, it can also cause a bad mood if the wax spills on your home’s carpets. Getting wax out of the carpet is probably one of the worst experiences of all when it comes to carpet stains. However, using the right method, removing candle wax can be easy and help keep your holiday spirits up. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share how you can easily remove candle wax from your carpets.

How Do You Remove Wax on Carpet By Freezing It?

When wax first spills over your carpets, your first step is to do nothing. That’s right, leave the wax alone and allow it to cool and harden. Once the wax is firm, use a sandwich bag full of ice and cover the wax with the ice. Once the ice has been sitting on top of the wax spot for 15 to 30 minutes, get a butter knife or a scraper to remove as much of the wax as possible. You will not get out all of the wax. Your goal is to remove as much of the wax as you can.

Removing Remaining Wax from Carpet

Now you will want to get ready to remove the remaining wax. You will need thick paper or a brown paper bag, a very damp cloth, and an iron. Begin heating up your iron to a medium low setting. Cover the wax stain with the paper and then cover the paper with the damp cloth. Use the iron and apply mild pressure over the damp cloth. The heat from the iron should melt the wax. As the wax melts, it will be absorbed into the paper. You may need to adjust the paper or use multiple pieces of paper to remove all of the wax. Continue using the paper, iron and cloth to remove the wax that is inside the carpet.

Clean Wax Stain & Vacuum Floor

Once all of the wax has been removed from the carpet, you may have some residue and even a stain in the carpet. Use warm water and mix it with a few drops of liquid dish soap. Using a sponge blot at the stain with the soapy mixture. Avoid scrubbing at the stain. Maintain a blotting technique while removing the stain. If the stain is not coming out use the same warm water and liquid dish soap mixture, but this time add a little bit of vinegar to see if that helps remove more stubborn stains. Remember to use plain water to rinse the site. When rinsing the carpet, pour a little bit of warm water over the site. Use a dry cloth and press on the site. The water will soak into the cloth and out of the carpet. Repeat the same rinse technique until all of the soapy residue is gone. Once the carpet is dry, make sure to vacuum the site to restore the soft texture of the carpets.

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With this simple method, you can remove wax from your home’s carpets. For carpet cleaning and more, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry today.

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