Holiday Cleaning Checklist in Nolanville, TX; Carpet, Rug Tile, Sofa, Air Duct, Dryer Vent & More

The holiday season is here and many homeowners are not yet ready to begin receiving guests. During the holidays many friends and family come together, some staying for days while others come for a short and quick visit. When you have house guests coming, you may feel like you need to do some deep cleaning. As the holidays tend to keep many busy, often a professional service can help you prepare your home for the holidays. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry LLC will share how our services can better prepare you and your home for this holiday season.

Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning

Do you desperately need your carpets cleaned? They may be filled with stains or are in need of some deeper cleaning to improve the home’s indoor air quality and more. Carpet cleaning is essential but more so during the holidays. Carpets can be deep cleaned and odor treated to make sure your home’s carpet looks and smells great. This also goes for area rugs that are often a center piece in many living rooms or dining rooms.

Couch, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Another major aspect to the holidays is the furniture. As we have guests coming to our homes we often worry about the condition of the furniture. Many worry about the stains and odors that may be on sofas and couches. Seeking a professional service to help clean your home’s furniture and upholstery can better prepare you for the holidays and ensure your furniture is clean and comfortable for you and your holiday guests.

Mattress Cleaning

Are you having guests over for the holidays and you are worried about providing a clean and comfortable guest room? A professional mattress cleaning can reach deep into the mattress, removing all of the dirt and contaminates in the mattress. When you have holiday guests staying overnight or for a few days or weeks consider having the mattresses professional cleaned. Along with the mattresses, also have the room carpet cleaned to ensure the guest room is properly clean and refreshed.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Worried about your kitchen or bathroom tile? Cleaning tile and grout is a time consuming and tiring chore. When you don’t have the time to properly deep clean your home’s tile and grout, a professional cleaning service can help take this chore off your shoulders.

Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

If you know you will be hosting those with asthma or other sensitive immune or respiratory problems, consider having the air ducts cleaned. Especially for those who haven’t had their air ducts cleaned in a while, it may be time for them to be cleaned. When cleaning the air ducts you help improve your home indoor air quality. While having the air ducts cleaned you can also have the dryer vents cleaned which improves efficiency of the dryer and the home’s safety.

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If you have a long to do list this holiday season and need help deep cleaning your home for the holiday season, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry. We provide all of these services and more. If you want your home clean and ready for the holidays, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry and schedule our services today.

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