Holiday Carpet Protection in Duncanville, TX; No Shoes on Carpet Rule, Clean Carpets & More

If you’re planning to have a party or two over the holidays there are things you can do to protect your carpets. Extra bodies in and out of your home means your carpets can suffer some serious damage. Chances are they won’t remain perfect, but with a few precautions, you can give it some protection. Heart of Texas ChemDry outlines some tips to protect your carpets this holiday season.

How to Protect Your Carpet in High Traffic Areas this Holiday Season

1. No shoes on carpet rule. A good way to protect your carpet is to have guests remove their shoes at the door. You can place mats down for this purpose. That way any dirt or mud will stay at the door and not through your home. You can even have cute holiday socks at the door for your guests to put on.
2. Keep pets away from carpet. Keeping pets confined to certain areas in the home can be hard but if you can, it will save your carpet. Pets are good at leaving odors and dirt on your carpets that can be hard to remove.
3. Vacuum carpet regularly. Vacuuming is great for your carpets. Make sure you do a really good job throughout the holidays. When dirt sits on your carpet for long periods of time it can damage the carpet fibers and be harder to remove. Run your vacuum cleaner over each section three times for effective dirt removal.
4. Put a mat under a real Christmas tree. Use a mat or rug under a real tree because real trees can drop pine needles and sap onto your carpet. Tree sap can be very hard to get out of any surface especially, carpet fibers.
5. Clean carpet spills right away. This is a no brainer but needs repeating. The sooner you clean up any spill, the better your chance are at removing them. Don’t rub the spill. This will only spread the stain and damage carpet fibers as you force it deeper into the carpet. Scoop up solid pieces and blot with a clean cloth, starting at the outside and moving inward.
6. Keep food and drinks away from carpet. This can be hard with so may bodies around, but if you can keep people away from your carpet with food and drinks, you’ll reduce chances of accidents. If this will be too difficult, consider serving carpet friendly food and drinks to make cleanups easier.
7. Clean your carpets before holiday parties. Having your carpets cleaned before the parties start may seem odd because your guests will just get them dirty, right? Impress your guest with a clean carpet and they might just be a little more careful? Plus, clean carpets are easier to clean.
8. Clean your carpets after holiday parties. It can be hard to follow the above steps with everything else going on over the holidays. You can just plan on having them cleaned afterwards. Just make sure you clean them as soon as possible to prevent any stains, odors and dirt from becoming more difficult or impossible to remove.

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Reduce potential carpet damage by taking a few precautions this holiday season. When it’s time to clean them, contact Heart of Texas ChemDry for professional carpet cleaning services, including stain treatments, deodorizing and carpet protection. Call us to schedule a carpet cleaning today!

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