Cleaning, Conditioning & Maintenance Tips for Upholstery Leather Chairs, Couches & Furniture in Waco, TX

Upholstery needs just as much care as anything else in your home if you want to keep it in pristine condition, aesthetically pleasing, and make it last beyond its projected lifespan. Upholstery leather is no different. A classic, yet elegant design, leather upholstery has been known to last for decades with proper care and regular maintenance. Though maintenance and care is easily performed, it does require diligence and commitment to protect the prestigious appearance. Today, we at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry, we would like to share some tips and advice on the maintenance and care that should be given to your leather upholstery.

Tips to Clean & Care for Leather Upholstery Furniture

1) Immediately Tend to Leather Spills. Many people promptly forget the “no eating or drinking” rule while sitting on leather chairs or couches; but when they do or any accidental spills occur, it is imperative that any spills get wiped away and treated promptly. Avoid using moistened clothes or towels unless absolutely necessary, use a dry cloth to wipe up any messes. In the event residue remains, use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe away the remaining crust, immediately use a dry cloth to absorb the lingering moisture.
2) Do Not Use Abrasive Tools on Leather. If stains have blemished your leather, do not reach for harsh soaps, detergents, cleaning solvents or ammonia based cleaners to aid you in the stain removal process. In addition to avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, do not use anything more abrasive than a microfiber or cotton cloth. While we are sharing the “don’ts”, do not leave any water or liquid cleaner to set on a stain. Liquid ruins leather.
3) Avoid Direct Heat on Leather. Leather, much like wood for example, does not react well to heat sources. Your leather will dry out or worse. To avoid heat, place your leather upholstery out of the direct sunlight and never next to fireplaces or radiators. If the leather dries out, the color will fade, the surface will stiffen and crack. If this happens, your leather will be irreparable.
4) Regular Leather Cleaning. Doing the basic cleaning as often as possible is better for your leather upholstery. Daily cleaning routines are recommended, but not everyone has the time. Be sure to clean your leather as frequently as possible. To remove the dust and debris, use the vacuum’s hose and attachments to vacuum the creases and crevices, the button tufting, cushions, under cushions and sides, back, and top of the upholstery. Utilize a clean cotton or a microfiber cloth to wipe away the dust if you do not have a compatible vacuum.
5) Tend to Scratches on Leather. Scratches are easily inflicted on leather. It is always best to avoid getting any scratches, so keep the sharp items always from the leather upholstery whenever possible. For scratches that do occur, just buff them out with a chamois.
6) Leather Conditioner. Leather needs to retain enough moisture to avoid getting dried out. For your leather upholstery, perform a periodic conditioning treatment every 6-12 months. Extremely hot and dry climates should consider quarterly conditioning treatments. Leather conditioner can be found in most department or auto stores.

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