Is Cleaning Air Ducts Worth It in DeSoto, TX? Improve Air Flow, Make House Less Dusty & More

One of the areas of a home that is often neglected and never cleaned is the air ducts. The air ducts may seem like an area that shouldn’t become too dirty, or simply the air ducts are out of sight and out of mind. Air ducts can become very dirty over time, slowly building up layers of dirt. Some worse scenarios may also include mold or pests that have invaded the air duct system. It is important for many reasons to keep the air ducts clean. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to share the importance of air duct cleaning.

Does Duct Cleaning Improve Air Flow?

The primary benefit of cleaning the air ducts is having a healthier home. Air ducts are the passage ways that all of the cool or warm air travels through. The air that keeps the home comfortable and the air that is breathed inside the home all come through the air ducts. When there is dust, mold, or even pests inside the air ducts, the air will be contaminated each time the HVAC system runs a cycle. The air ducts are at the top when it come to the list of culprits as to bad air quality. To improve the air quality inside the home the air ducts should be cleaned. With clean air ducts those with allergies or asthma don’t have to suffer and cleaner air ducts will reduce respiratory illnesses. The entire household benefits with air duct cleaning.

Will Cleaning My Air Ducts Make My House Less Dusty?

When air ducts become full of dust one of the common signs that the air ducts are in need of cleaning is dust. When the home suffers from fresh layers of dust, even after hours of cleaning, the dust is coming from the air ducts. When air ducts become full of dust each time the HVAC system runs a cycle, dust will come out of the vents sprinkling dust all over the home. For those who work hours cleaning there home only to discover a fresh layer of dust is masking their home, it can be very exhausting. To help keep your home cleaner and for longer periods of time, having the air ducts cleaned will help reduce the amount of dust inside the home.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning for HVAC System

When you have clean air ducts, the home and household benefits as well as the HVAC system. When the air ducts become full of dust, mold or even pests, it can have a major impact on the HVAC system. The less dust flowing through the air helps to prolong the use of each air filter, prevent clogged air filters and the evaporator will even stay cleaner. The less dust and contaminates in the air inside the home will get sucked up through the intake vents as well. The first component that is effected in the home indoor air quality is the air filters. If the air filters collapse due to too much dirt, the dust and contaminates in the air will now go inside the HVAC system. To ensure the health of the HVAC system, the air ducts should be kept clean.

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