Carpet Looks Dirtier After DIY Cleaning & Do I Need to Rinse After in Round Rock, TX? Common Mistakes to Avoid!

When it comes to cleaning carpet, many DIYers make some major mistakes that can permanently ruin their carpet. Many people will buy or rent a carpet cleaning machine to deep clean their carpets. However, not everyone takes the time to learn how to clean the carpets properly. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share some of the more common mistakes made when taking on the cleaning of your carpets.

Boiling Water in Carpet Cleaner?

Many people when cleaning their carpet will use water that is much too hot. When cleaning carpet you will use either warm or room temperature water. Never use hot. Hot water can cause permanent damage to carpet such as shrinking, color bleeding or flattening of the pile. Hot water is never good on the carpet. If a cleaner calls for warm water, understand that it is lukewarm water, not hot.

Always Vacuum Before Cleaning

Many people will jump right into cleaning their carpet without taking the right amount of time to vacuum the carpet first. Carpet is full of dirt and other substances. When cleaning the carpet without vacuuming it first, know that you are now mixing soap with dirt which can actually make the carpet dirtier in the end. Vacuuming is an essential step.

Vacuum Professionally

Yes, there is a proper way to vacuum the carpet. Most people will vacuum in straight lines or in a single back and forth direction. This vacuuming method does not clean the carpets very well. To properly clean carpet it is important to vacuuming in multiple directions: up, down, side to side, and diagonal. This is how to remove the most amount of dirt from the carpet. Before cleaning carpet it is important to remove as much of the dirt as possible to prevent making a bigger mess of your carpets.

Don’t Use the Wrong Cleaning Agent

There are two major types of carpet. There is synthetic carpet, and natural fiber carpets. It is important to use the right cleaner with the right type of carpet. Using a synthetic cleaner on a natural fiber carpet can cause color loss or even damage the pile directly. Make sure you know what type of carpet you have and use the right cleaning agent when cleaning the carpet.

Always Test Clean

Whether it comes to cleaning the entire carpet or just a small stain, you will always want to test the cleaner first. You will want to test the cleaner in a discrete area of the carpet. This way you can make sure the carpet will not react to the cleaner negatively. Some cleaners just don’t mix with certain carpets. Many people will jump right into cleaning the carpet, discovering later that the entire carpet is ruined. Make sure to always test first, and then wait 30 minutes or so to see if there are any bad reactions.

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As a homeowner wanting to do their own carpet cleaning make sure that you do not make these all too common mistakes. When you decide professional carpet cleaning service is better for you in every respect (easier, less time consuming, cost effective, better results etc), contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry today.

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