Best Way to Clean Heavily Soiled Carpet, Remove Stains & Restore High Traffic Areas in Duncanville, TX

At some point in your carpet’s life, it will develop soiling or traffic pattern stains. Constant foot traffic will eventually cause the carpet to flatten and look gray or brown. This is referred to as basic soiling stains. Dirt will cause the carpet to thin and flatten and become discolored. When soiling happens, the carpet begins to look aged and neglected. However, there are ways to clean and remove soil patterns on your carpet. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share how soiling can be cleaned and the carpet pile restored.

Proper Vacuuming Techniques

When carpet is clean, yet a soiling pattern is the primary focus, it is important to make sure the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed. The first step of cleaning and caring for carpet is proper vacuuming. When vacuuming, professionals will vacuum in multiple directions. This technique removes more of the dirt that is trapped deep inside the carpet. Not only should this vacuum technique be used before deep carpet cleaning, but as part of regular routine vacuuming.

Pre Treating High Traffic Stains

Once the carpet has been thoroughly vacuumed using proper vacuuming methods, to remove soiling the carpet will need a pretreatment. For the heavily stained areas, including soiling patterns, you will want to pretreat with a diluted vinegar. When professionals come to your house, they will use a professional grade pretreatment. The pretreatment should stay on the carpet for at least 30 minutes to help loosen the dirt in the carpet. If you are doing your own carpet cleaning, vinegar is your best available option. Vinegar can break down a number of different substances from dirt to gum. However, it is essential to be prepared to rinse the carpet once and maybe twice to remove the vinegar out of the carpet as it can damage the carpet if left on too long.

Cleaning Carpet

After the pretreatment has had time to loosen and break down the dirt, which is causing the soiling, the carpet can be cleaned. Using a carpet cleaning machine, make sure to use the right cleaning solvent for the type of carpet in your home. The two major types of carpet are nylon or wool based carpets which require their own cleaning solvent. A professional service will be able to identify and properly clean carpet for those who are not experienced on doing their own carpet cleaning. Depending on the type of carpet cleaning machine used, you may need to rinse the carpet with plain water. Simply fill the carpet cleaning machine with plain water and repeat the cleaning steps. Chem dry carpet cleaning often doesn’t require rinsing.

Vacuum to Fix Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas

Once the carpet is dry consider vacuuming the carpet again. Vacuuming the carpet after it has been cleaned will help loosen the carpet fiber making it feel softer and more fluffy. Vacuuming can even help restore flattened carpet due to high traffic. However, the foot traffic will eventually cause soiling and flattening of the carpet again. To help slow down soil and its effects, consider using rugs and mats to take more of the abuse instead of the carpet. To help prevent soil also make sure not to wear shoes on the carpets as shoes expedites the process.

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