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How to Clean Dried Slime Stains from Carpets in Lavon, TX; Try to Remove with Ice or Call a Carpet Cleaner!

Seeing your kids’ slime smeared all over the carpet can be a defeating sight. Unfortunately for parents, slime has become all the rage again. Slime concoctions are popping back onto toy store shelves and homemade slime recipes can be found all over the internet. Slime on the carpet needs your attention, and the sooner the…

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How to Remove Hard Water Rings & Stains from Marble Floors, Showers & Table Tops in Melissa, TX

Marble countertops have given a feeling of warmth, luxury and sophistication to kitchens and eating nooks across the country for years, in part their popularity is due to the stones abundance of color variations from cream, black, pink, green and white and everything in between. Despite its beauty, marble has one minor drawback and that…

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How Do I Keep My Leather Sofa in Good Condition in Allen, TX? Upholstery Cleaning, Conditioning & More

In your home you probably have many different types of furniture. Dressers, beds, tables, chairs, couches, and more all help to make your home comfortable. As you look at your furniture you will probably notice that your furniture is made of all kinds of different materials. Each different material needs to be cared for properly…

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